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junkyard pix from mtheo’s excellent adventure

"Hope is an obligation"

the bay area's most beautiful (and least-known) bridge

"immigrant crisis": a massive envirohoax (learn more)

The Gurrelieder project, yet another manifestation of the strange power of Arnold Schönberg -- last offered Sunday, June 8, 2003 ... I'd say it's about time for another go at it

Classics without walls,
or, sheer chaos disguising itself as coherent radio

<mtheo>'s Famous And Mighty
Gentleman's Guide
To Buying Underwear For Your Lady Without Pissing Her Off

Your child is a moron! At least the Arm & Hammer division of Church & Dwight thinks so; so does Kellogg's. Or at least their lawyers thick enough to want to sue them...

PARKINGQUEST.COM, the only independent parking web site for San Francisco.

from the annals of cluelessness: design to make the head spin

that original non-conciliatory note about the conflict within the ABC-USA that really pissed off its targets. big surprise, that.

Axiomatic to Zanzibar, my only acknowledged composition, and the longest three minutes of your life. You have been warned.
OGG (2.73MiB)   MP3 (2.81MiB)

another bit of audio, promo for “who’s the boss” edition of kusf’s spotlight, from april 2005:  OGG (701.4KiB)    MP3 (796.5 KiB)

(a 2003 station ID for KUSF that some folks seem to like)   OGG (797KiB)   MP3 (919KiB)

pizzakreis research group: we mostly read eric voegelin. in 2001 we put on a centennial celebration in s.f., about 55% successful imho. this web site is now just a placeholder, really, but i like the vojtech preissig graphics and licko's journal typeface. (yes, zuzanna, i did pay for my copy of journal.)

Springloaded! A very simple but lovely bit of physical simulation code that I didn't write. Wish I had.

the one & only dr. frank

the Coalition for Baptist Principles: their Judson Declaration is a much-needed elementary document with reminders for certain sectors working to demolish the American Baptist Churches USA.

a note on robert altman & neve campbell’s the company

Schumann's Mondnacht, Hotter/Moore, 1957      MP3 (2.18 MiB)

the free voice of ernestine schumann-heink       MP3 (2.9 MiB)


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obscure references

unspeakable practices

the rest of "immigrant crisis" eventually, i hope

other stuff:

that vitriolic & non-conciliatory site about the ABC-USA and the fundamentalist takeover